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The advent of multi-touch devices in the form of smart phones and tablets has meant that we rely on more gestural interactions. This makes it a little more difficult to capture the different interactions in workflow sketches and wireframes. I know I’ve worked on a few projects where I’ve found it a challenge to convey the different interactions and their consequences without a large paragraph of text.

I came across this lovely set of icons from Mobile Tuxedo. They are pretty comprehensive and look very clean and refined. Best of all, they are royalty free for personal or commercial projects.

Touch Gesture Icons - Mobile Tuxedo

Download here.

If you ever find yourself in a creative rut, seeking some inspiration for designing that ground breaking app, then look no further. App Sites provides a showcase of iPhone, iPad and Mac app websites.

App Sites

I always fall back to Silk icons from Famfamfam for my iconography. There are a multitude of icon sets out on the internet, but it is a rarity to find a thorough and comprehensive set. Enter Brankic1979 and the 350 Pixel Perfect Icon Set. They are available for both personal and commercial use, making it ideal for any project – big or small!

350 Pixel Perfect Icons

I used to have a swing in my backyard when I was younger. It was something my dad put together with a towel and some rope with one of the tall trees out back. It just feels so liberating to swing on a swing set at the park, or even to laze back in a hammock – it’s just so comforting.

Enter the Swing Table from Duffy London. Combining the traditional dining table with the humble swing. Made from walnut veneer, it claims to put a little extra fun into dinner time. You can order it in bespoke materials and sizes.

Swing Table

It really is true, the simple ideas are often the most effective. This neat little World Time Clock caught my attention the other day. Priced at $72, the 12 sides of this clock represent two time zones per side. It lets you determine the local time by rolling the clock so that the city representing that time zone is on top. So simple yet so innovative!

World Clock

found via Uncrate.

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I’m not really a jogging fiend, but I can appreciate good design. The Gokey provides a no fuss solution for carrying around your house key when you go out for that run. On the rare occasion where I may go for a run, I don’t really like things jangling in my pocket, so this provides an easy way to carry around that key and at the same time conceal it for safety purposes.

The Gokey (designed by Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook) is a silicon wrist band that comes in a range of colours, and conceals your key effortlessly and discreetly. It is currently a Kickstarter project, so you can donate $15 to receive a Gokey in any colour and size that you like!

There are some pretty wacky ideas out there, this comes close, but borderlines more on the awesome side. Renown cupcakery, Sprinkles in Beverly Hills has installed a world-first automatic cupcake machine which dispenses freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes and other merchandise. I personally love the idea and want one in my house to dispense cupcakes 24/7.

They claim to restock the ACM (automatic cupcake machine) continuously day and night with a variety of freshly baked cupcake flavours. This would simply solve so many complex problems in the world. Not to mention make me obscenely fat and lazy.


via laist.

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Yes, another post on pretty light fixtures! The “Holes” fixtures remind me a little of dice mixed with those amazing balloon lamps or rather sky lanterns. They are sure to add that touch of whimsy to any room with their architectural origami structure. I would love to see what sorts of shadows they cast in a dimly lit room.

They were created by Studio Bertjan Pot for the collection of Arturo Alvarez. “Holes” was inspired by kites and mathematics – made out of 20 triangles, 30 bars, 12 connectors and 57 holes. And on top of all that, they are waterproof!

Holes Lamp

Holes lamp

Holes lamp


Kindly excuse the frivolity of this post, but anything pastel is sure to catch my eye. Baking and all the gadgets associated with it fascinate me, so I did get a little excited when I came across this neat little space-saving whisk. I love how you can adjust the length of the whisk itself to suit your needs!

Beater is described as a sculpturesque yet functional kitchen tool. It can be folded together for easy storage in a kitchen drawer. Inspired by a pack of straws, it was designed by Danish label Normann Copenhagen, and is available in eight colours (white, grey, light blue, nude, lavender, pink, mint and dark blue).

I don’t know about you, but I want a lavender one in my kitchen.

via Ding 3000.

I enjoy making things and all things DIY. Getting hands on and crafty is what I enjoy most. I spend much of my time browsing art and design blogs that more often than not contain step by step instructions on creating your own little knick knacks.┬áThere are so many great ideas out there, and I’m all for making the world a prettier place. All of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-earlier moments come up when you realise how simple and easy it is to create something lovely. Here are some of the DIY instructions I’ve been inspired by lately.

I love the colours of this vintage-looking needlepoint purse. This tutorial by Danielle Thompson can be found on Craftzine. She has used such cheery colours. There is something about repetitive patterns and shapes that intrigue and draw me in.